Friday, 20 November 2015


I always love taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets everywhere. To me, sunrise pours the new spirit and hope while sunset makes me feeling nostalgic. Now, I hardly do it again for sunrise means wake up time for the kids, and sunset happens at about the same time of their dinner schedule. Somehow, I occasionally miss sitting quietly waiting for the sun to set, hence I write this post. To fulfil my thirsts of spoiling myself staring at the reddish blue skies, through the photos below, I revisit most spectacular sunsets and beautiful skies I have luckily ever captured, taken in various places, from Sipora island to Koh Chang island, from Champerico beach to Port Vila bay, and from the bustling city of Bangkok to vibrant city of Bristol. They are simply BREATHTAKING!


"He created the heavens and earth in truth. He wraps the night over the day and wraps the day over the night and has subjected the sun and the moon, each running [its course] for a specified term. Unquestionably, He is the Exalted in Might, the Perpetual Forgiver" QS. Az-Zumar 39:5


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    1. Lukisan Sang Pencipta memang tiada duanya ya mbak..sempurna!