About this blog

I have been dreaming of having an advanced writing skill for long time, but I have never done any real efforts, not until I was officially unemployed and since then, has spent most of my time at home. I have committed to myself to make a start and I will write more, in English and Indonesian, in order to improve both my grammar and writing skills. As most personal blogs are intended to be, things I write here will be mostly related to my personal thoughts and life experiences.

Friendships and constructive comments are very much welcome, too!


  1. Hello Pungky,

    I would like to make friendship with you. I am a working mother of two (Son 5 years, daughter 2 years) which also find the way to sharpen my passion; writing.

    Warm regards,
    Theresia Hutabarat

    1. Hi Theresia,

      Thanks for visiting my blog :). Look forward to reading your stories, too. Cheers, Pungky