Monday, 15 July 2013

We can do it together, my love

Hails to all working mothers out there!

Why did I say this? I have never been in their shoes before, so eventhough I know some of them, I can't really feel what they have to cope every morning when they have to say goodbye to their little ones.

This morning, I finally had to do the same. We went to the daycare for a free try-out, only for one hour, though. The teacher did not let me stay, especially when she saw how my baby was so attached to me. I went home and experienced the longest hour I have ever had. I cooked for lunch and went back to pick him up. As expected, he screamed on and off for almost an hour. When I came, he was walking around the play room while screaming. As soon as he realized that I was there, he stopped screaming, ran to me and hugged me strongly. My poor baby, he must have been very angry I left him without even giving him a goodbye kiss.

After brief discussion with the teacher, despite his one-hour on-and-off screams, we agreed to send him again tomorrow for half-day. The teacher said, most children would either cry or scream on their first day although some others are quite happy and don't cry even a bit.

I'm lucky to be always be with my baby  for these past fourteen months for 24 hours nonstop, leading to a very strong attachment between the two of us. Besides, he is still breastfed and most of the time he is in his carrier whenever we go out. This makes it a bit difficult for him when I am not around. There are times when he can happily play with others without having me next to him, but there are times when he would cry or scream the minute he sees me leaving, even only a meter away.

So, let's see how he is doing tomorrow..hopefully it would be much better than today and he would feel happy being in the daycare with his peers, fingers crossed!


  1. semangattttt :)

  2. Don't worry ibu, David will be fine. You might never imagine that later he'll shake your hand and kiss goodbye voluntarily ;)

  3. Hopefully, Ki. He cried this morning when we left him for the first time, though :(...At least, he only goes half-day for the first month so let's see how he will be in a week or two.