Friday, 8 March 2013

Two weeks....

and I am still survived, alive, and hopefully able to keep my sanity. Yes, home alone for 24/7 with a ninth-month old over a span of three weeks is NOT EASY AT ALL! Despite the fact that he's been very sweet and cooperative as usual, there were times when he really challenged my patience by crying out loud at night time and waking up at early hours around 3-4 a.m., things that rarely happen when daddy is home and that I have difficulties to cope with, especially when my husband is away.
Our life will always be like this, but more than two weeks of business trip is just too much, I would say. So, hats off to all tough women out there who live a long distance relationship with their spouses while taking care of their children during long certain periods.
At this time, while observing him when he is sound asleep, I feel guilty for not having enough patience in taking care of this innocent human being that I love dearly :(. Dear God, please give me strength, patience, and ability to look after Your precious gift so I can be a better mother each day, aamiin. So, two weeks have passed, another week to go :)
My darling son, I love you to the moon and back. My dear husband, come back soon, we need you!


  1. Pungkyyy, hugs for you, I can feel you. It's been one week after Dea's Nanny is away to take care of her Mom. She promise to come back, but could not tell me when. I was just recovered from DBD and could not find any daycare for Dea (it's all full) nor baby caterer for her. After taking all of my leaves, finally I brought her to my office last Friday, but couldn't work at all since she was very excited with everything there. There are times that she throw her tantrums and I wish I could responded better than I did. I just realized that it's not always easy to be a full time mom like you. I am still wondering what to do since next week I will be off to Kupang :((

  2. Kikiii, *virtual hugs* so sorry to know that you were ill while having all the challenges at the same time :(. I think what we need most is patience, which is occasionally nowhere to find in difficult times. Hope you'll find the best solution, or how about taking Dea and your sister along to Kupang for next week? Most important, stay healthy in body and mind, working mama :)