Monday, 18 November 2013

The End of A Blissful Moment

One of his favorite nursing styles

The wonderful months of breastfeeding finally came to an end. Despite his good appetite in solid food, our little boy used to be breasts addict until about four months ago as he was in the daycare for four times a week. Since then, he skipped his nursing sessions to morning and before bedtime only for the week, unless on Tuesdays and weekends where he would have his afternoon session to help him fall asleep. In normal circumstances, he is no longer waking up at nighttime thanks to my husband who always attends and comforts him when he wakes up, therefore he understands that nighttime is for sleeping and not for eating.

It was only about few weeks ago when I thought about weaning him as I was urged to do a regular health check-up that I did not do for years since I got pregnant and later nursed David. This check-up cannot be done as long as I nurse, so after lengthy discussions with my husband, we agreed to do it slowly and naturally without involving anything to be put on my nipples.

The weaning process itself took about three weeks in total and we started from the easiest, that was just before bedtime. Normally, I would nurse and put him in his crib afterwards. During the first week of weaning process, until now, I sat him on my lap and hugged him, rubbed his back while whispering good words and prayers on his ear for some time in exchange of nursing, then I put him in his crib, waited for a couple of minutes and left the sleepy baby alone, no cry, no drama :)

The second week, we tried to eliminate the afternoon session on Tuesdays and weekends. It was quite difficult compared to the first week, but we did it. The fact that we did not use neither pacifier nor bottle since day one made the weaning process quite challenging. However, we managed to put him for a nap without nursing. Again, as suggested by few articles I read on weaning with love, we replace those comforts of nursing by other physical affection such as hugging and rubbing his back. 

The most difficult one was the early morning nursing session. He usually woke up at 5 am or 5.30 am and I would take him to our room for nursing so I could continue sleeping while nursing. This third week, we let him cried for two minutes or less at around 5 am, where he would normally be back to sleep again and we would attend to his room after 6 am. We also prepare a small portion of milk in the room so once he wakes up, we give him milk. The third week passed, and we got surprisingly great fact that our used-to-be earlyriser now wakes up around 6.30 to 7.00 am..super wow!

Our little baby turned eighteen months few days ago. I can't believe how time flies so fast. It was still fresh in mind the first time I held his little body in my arms and when we got home, I experienced two painful weeks of nursing not to mention backache and lack of sleep, among others. I am so fortunate to experience this emotional mother-child bonding moment for eighteen months albeit a little bit sad as there is no more "affectionately looking at each other while nursing" session :(. Beyond that, our breastfeeding experience has become one of the most memorable moments for the three of us. My husband even composed a song that we both sang during David's nursing sweet was that!

Thank you for the past beautiful and joyous eighteen months we have shared, my little one. May you grow happy, healthy, and wise, constantly showered with abundant love from us.

Nursing on demand during one picnic lunch :)

It is only in the act of nursing that a woman realizes her motherhood in visible and tangible fashion; it is a joy of every moment. ~Honore de Balzac


  1. Naawww.. itu suaminya so sweet banget sih sampai bikin lagu untuk anak + istri...

    1. hihihi..iya punya anak bisa mengubah segalanya ternyata, Be..gara-garanya David waktu bayi dulu kl mau nyusu grasak grusuk gak sabaran, nah muncullah inspirasi untuk menenangkan si bayi lewat lagu :)

  2. Whoaaa, udah sukses ya weaningnya. Dea baru mau disapih sekarang, padahal minggu ini udah mau 2 taon. Ada aja yang bikin ibunya ga tega untuk weaning :(. Minggu ini malah dia lebih rewel karena ga enak badan, jadi weaning ditunda lagi deh :(

    1. iya Ki..dadah dadah deh sama rencana 2th menyusui..tapi proses sapih kemarin itu alhamdulillah lancar dan konsisten...yang jelas ibu posesif ini malah dapet lebih banyak kesempatan memeluk dan dipeluk si bocah sebagai substitusi..yippie :)