Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Jump for Joy in June

Amid the excitement of planning our summer holiday this year, I received a surprisingly wonderful news for my postponed project and a message from a good friend of mine. For the project, although it is not confirmed yet, the positive response I got might set the wheels in motion; as for the message, who can resist such a lovely invitation like this???

A day later, another message from my friend came in, saying that a traveling cot is ready for my little bunny a.k.a her grandson, how thoughtful she is, blessed her!

When I still lived in Bristol, I was often invited to her cozy and beautiful house, either to stay over for few nights or to enjoy delicious meals prepared for many special occasions. It was almost six years ago but I still remember every detail and moment of my life there...phewwww...time flies too fast! Few weeks from now, I'll be revisiting memorable Bristol, which is gonna be very very special as I will cherish every moment there with my two beloved boys.

Hello England, here I (we) come...and you, the weather, please be nice to us :)


  1. Happy for you Pungky, enjoy your summer holiday :)

    1. Thank you Ki...hope you'll have a great and fun holiday, too :)