Sunday, 20 January 2013

Babies' Playdates in the Weekend

Unlike other weekends while my husband is away on business trip, today's schedule was full of appointment. It was more like baby's playdates, to be exact. Left the apartment at 08.30 a.m, we walked along Sukhumvit Road to meet our friends for breakfast at Cafe Tartine. Bangkok is at its best at this moment, kind of breezy. Arrived a bit earlier than expected -just 20 minutes walk from home to soi Ruam Rudee- we coincidentally met my husband's colleague with her husband and their 9-month old son. Last time we met them was about 5 months ago and we haven't met again since then. Their baby, only one month older than ours, is so sweet and healthy, a perfect mixture of his pretty American mother and Swiss father. We had a nice chat for at least 20 minutes before saying goodbye with the promise that we will meet up sometime once my husband is in town.

Later, our friends arrived and we made the order for breakfast. That morning, there was not many people in the cafe, just perfect to have a nice chat while having good meals. With croissant, pain au chocolat, coffee, and fresh orange juice, we spent the morning catching up the news since our first and last meeting in their cozy house in Honiara. This nice Indonesian-Canadian couple who recently moved to Thailand, once lived in the Solomon Islands while we still lived in Vanuatu back in 2010-2011. They have a 13-month old cute blond toddler, healthy, strong, and adventurous who loves eating and exploring the place. Later, I was told that they are currently expecting their second child, what a wonderful news! *suddenly I missed being pregnant :p* We talked about lots of things until around 11.00 a.m. It was so fun and we planned to do it again next time.

In the afternoon, we had another appointment with our neighbour next door, the lovely American-Thai couple with their pretty 7-month old daughter, which I talked about in the previous post. They also invite their friends whose wife is Indonesian and have a 6,5-month old baby daughter. See, today was really babies's meeting from morning to late afternoon. Following a nice chitchat at their home, off we went to the park for a stroll, spending sometime there before we finally got back home.

Playdate with the girls :)

Overall, it was such a lovely Sunday for both of us, and you, my little man, have been very good all the time during meeting your little friends. Can't wait to taking you for the next ones.

So, how about your Sunday?

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