Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Our way of life

Everyone must have particular consideration when deciding what they are going to do with their life. For us, we want to enrich ourselves with as much life experiences as possible in the coming years. Therefore, we choose not to stay permanently in either both countries at the time being. As a consequence, we have to be ready for any possible opportunities that might knock our door and pack our things right away should that opportunity arise. Since I am quite new to this world, I am currently learning my lessons in how to deal with this kind of lifestyle. What I share here are in random order and merely from my point of view and personal experiences for the last few years.  

Maturity and Independency
The fact that living far away from family requires a certain level of maturity and independency in order to be able to take necessary action or considerable decision for us to move on, especially in critical situation. 

Survival skills
Basic survival skills such as cooking and doing domestic chores appropriately are definitely compulsory for me thanks to my beloved mother who has taught me the importance of possessing these basic skills since I was still a little girl.

Living with different characters from different backgrounds in a new place is another issue. Willingness to learn the local language, culture, and enthusiastically get along with the people are the key to a smooth self-adaptation.

Life is about experience and we might encounter either good or bad ones. Be ready for the worst situation that may occur and stay alert. I once had an unpleasant experience about this and I am glad that I could take a good lesson from it in order to be more alert in the future.

Adventurous mind
Changing living places from time to time gives the advantage of seeing more and more parts of the world. Therefore, do not hesitate to explore the regions, get to know the local way of life, and learn from it. Don't leave a country without having any single traces to its rural/suburban and less traveled areas.

Open mindset
Once we are outside our homeland, we become the minority and therefore it is us who need to adjust with the majority and not the other way around. Being tolerant and respectful to others' opinions without betraying our own principles are utterly important.

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