Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The lure of Mele cascades

Mele Cascades is one of Efate’s natural gems. Located about 15 minute-drive from Port Vila –everything is close by in Port Vila and most of the time you can always expect for a smooth traffic– Mele Cascades offers a spectacular view of the turquoise crystal clear waters gently flowing down the smooth round rocks. Hidden in Mele’s lush nature, the waterfalls are visible after climbing some friendly steps, walking through the path, and crossing a small river for about  10 minutes walk. At the end of the walk, there is a small hut where a guard and simple storage facilities are available.

In making our way towards the waterfalls, we just need to climb the small cascades and follow the existing path. The path itself is not naturally built, yet it is blended perfectly with its natural surroundings. In between, you will find shallow ponds where people can soak themselves while having a chat in the fresh water. Nice, isn’t it?

With the entrance fee of VT 1000 or equal to AUD 10 for residents, and VT 1500 or AUD 15 for non-residents, visitors love to spend their time swimming, taking pictures, or having natural back massage under the waterfalls, just like we do.

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