Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Here Comes the Third...

Today, nine weeks ago, I was 40 days and 5 days pregnant. No signs of labour although the latest ultrasound marked somewhere between 24 and 30 December 2016 as the EDD. New year came and the baby was still happily snuggled in my womb.

I saw my Obgyn on the 30th of December and the first time I saw her, I said that I was still pregnant to which she replied "No worries, as you are always overdue". Yes, we stick to the same Obgyn that has helped deliver our two other children. The chemistry is wayyy too strong :). That day, I had the Non Stress Test showing good result, so we could wait for another week. Believe it or not, since 24th of December, we have done whatever actions possible to naturally induce the labour, but nothing happened. Almost every night I had a dream that I suddenly woke up and was in labour, and the next morning I still found myself pregnant. My husband was more impatient than me, as he had no longer motivation to go to the office (it was nearly year-end long holiday and he's longing to have the baby as much as myself). Days went by, school started on the 4th of January for our eldest and that day my husband had an important meeting to attend...and the baby decided that it was a good day to show up!

Wednesday morning, 4 January 2017, I went to the park nearby with Sophie and my mother, this time we did one whole round, more or less 2 kilometers in distance. Later, I went out to fix my phone network and on the way home, I bought freshly-cut pineapples from the street vendor, hoping that the pineapples would trigger the labour. Nothing happened the whole morning, not until 2 pm when I started to feel the contractions, 15-20 minutes apart. I decided to take shower and get prepared. Sophie had her nap right after lunch and in an hour or so, David would be home, too. I called the hospital to check whether I should come now or later, then called my husband in the middle of his meeting. Around 3 pm, David's school bus arrived and 3.40 pm, off we went to the hospital. David was fine when we hugged and kissed him, but later my mother said, he looked worried..oh dear, how I wished I could hug him tight :(. In the taxi, my contractions were getting intense, 5-6 minutes apart but I was in full control, unlike my husband who looked worried that we could not make it to the hospital. Luckily, the traffic that very afternoon was fluid, so we arrived at the hospital just before 4 pm. We were admitted to my Obgyn's room and she confirmed that I was already 5-6 cm dilated. First she said, the baby might arrive within 2-3 hours, but later she corrected that the delivery might happen within 1-2 hours.

We proceeded to the birth room and the staff performed usual procedures for delivery. I requested enema in the first place, but my Obgyn said it was not necessary. Not long after that, my water was broken to speed up the labour. Somehow, hypnosis and always being overdue has helped me to go through the contractions with enthusiasm and positive thoughts. The mindset "to meet the baby as soon as possible" did really help. Nevertheless, during the transition stage (8-9 cm dilated), which is the most painful, I felt being pushed to my limits resulting the thought "why I want to do this (natural) birth all over again" despite the fact that there are painkillers available. All of a sudden, in between strong contractions, I had the urge to push. First push, second push, third push, and voila...there she was...crying out loud...Alhamdulillah, Praise be to Allah SWT for His blessings, for the smooth pregnancy, safe delivery, and healthy baby. I was also lucky to have been taken care by Dr. Prapee Tangnavarad since our first child and she jokingly said "You're getting better and better each time" :D...She is definitely our best choice!

Baby Lucie, joined our little family on Wednesday at 17.46 pm, less than two hours since we arrived at the hospital, 51 cm long and weighed 3,570 kgs. She is now nine weeks old and has been the family's center of attention. May Allah SWT bless you with love and joys abundantly, protect you all the way, and may you become the lights of your life and grow up with kindness, strength and wisdom of a beautiful and loving person inside out, shaleha and qurrata'ayun, aamiin.


  1. Baca ini, walau udah pernah dapat ceritanya sebelumnya, teteup bikin mataku berkaca-kaca. Angkat topi buat Pungky, 3 kali lahiran normal and still manage to handle the children at home walo jauh dari kerabat. Jadi ibu itu emang luar biasa ya kuatnya :)

    1. Haha, makasih ya Ki udah nyempetin baca :) Toss dulu ah buat sesama ibu-ibu