Friday, 8 July 2011

The sea turtle's story

We just arrived at the house after having nice dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Honiara, when our friend spotted something similar to a sea turtle laid in the neighbour's yard. It was dark so we were not so sure what it really was. The next morning, we realized that IT IS a sea turtle -no idea from which species- now covered with a mat. When a lady passed by, she hit it with a thin stick so I could see its flippers moving...poor animal! Not long after that, they took the turtle somewhere out of sight.

Despite the intensive campaign in preserving sea turtles as endangered species, hunting and human fishing practices have contributed to the decline of their population. Particularly in the Solomon Islands, turtles have been hunted for centuries by the islanders as their food. The demands also come for the turtles' skin, eggs, and beautiful shells. Since sea turtle population plummeted, the Solomon Islands government totally banned the export of turtle shells. However, the hunting is still going on, an obvious evidence that was seen right before our eyes on that day.

It was ashamed that we could not do anything to save the turtle, unlike our dear friend who did the real action to save them. We hail you as the real conservationist, mbak...

If you want to know more about sea turtles, just click here!

Picture is taken from here.

When you get to know more about this wonderful creature, then you will realize how difficult their life have been due to improper actions done by us, humans. Therefore, it is also our responsibility to save them from extinction.

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